Non-emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT): City Ride recognizes the importance of non-emergency medical travel. Our NEMT services are designed to provide a secure and efficient transportation solution for individuals with medical appointments, treatments, or other non-urgent medical needs.
Wheelchair Transportation:City Ride's Wheelchair Transportation service is dedicated to accommodating passengers with mobility challenges. Our vehicles are equipped with ramp access and secure wheelchair restraints, providing a convenient and accessible transportation option.
Door-through-door Transportation: Experience a higher level of assistance with City Ride's Door-through-door Transportation. Our service ensures that passengers receive support from the moment they exit their residence to the destination, offering a comprehensive and caring solution.
Curb-to-curb Transportation: City Ride's Curb-to-curb Transportation is designed for individuals who can independently travel to and from the vehicle. This service provides a reliable and efficient transportation solution, focusing on convenience and punctuality.
Long Distance NEMT: When medical appointments or treatments require travel over a longer distance, City Ride's Long Distance NEMT ensures that you reach your destination comfortably and safely. Our commitment to reliability extends beyond local boundaries.

Non Emergency Medical Transportation